About us

“When you are going to write about a woman, dip a feather in the rainbow
And shake off the dust from the wings of a butterfly»

 Deni Didro

What is the main role of a woman in a nowadays society? What are her chances of gaining true freedom in this crazy century, full of obsessive stereotypes and fears of tomorrow? Perhaps, many of you asked similar questions to yourself. However, if you did not – it is the right time to do it. The Federation of Force & Freedom Models can bring some clarity into your life and to dot the I’s and cross T’s.

So, who are we?

3FModels – is a community of successful girls who live in the wonderful city of Kharkov and who have found themselves in the popular webcam industry nowadays.

3FModels – is a circle of like-minded people whose high financial position does not depend on unstable external factors and the wishes of “third faces”.

3FModels – is a world of vivid impressions and opportunities, a world of transformation and new achievements, a world of independence and true freedom of expression.

So why definitely you?

“Every woman dreams to have
small feet, but to live on the wide»»
Julian Tuwim

The answer is simple: because during the sixteen years of a New Millennium, the humanity have not noticed that, we are in a New World already. Everything has changed… the technologies, progress, new beginnings, and emancipation. So many exciting things and opportunities appeared and every young woman, because of her natural curiosity and desire to live on a broad foot, tries not to miss all the chances that Lady Luck has so kindly provided to her.

“Only with work and struggle you will get an identity and a sense of dignity”
Fedor Dostoevsky

What are we offering?

What are the today’s realities for a young woman? Sultry office, boring (or even worse) boss, not the best coffee and a salary of 3000 hryvna, if you are lucky … 3Fmodels refuses to believe that it is your limit!

In the World Wide Web it is possible to find so much information about the work of a web model. That is why to try to tell you how to work as a web model is not our priority aim. Federation of force & freedom models offers great working conditions that will pleasantly surprise both professional models and the girls who have decided to step on this path for the first time.
So, when you step through the threshold of one of our offices, you get:

Regular photo shoots

  • The service of stylists and make-up artists
  • English language training with professional teachers
  • IT support

High income from $ 500 per month

  • bonuses and awards
  • career development
  • paid holidays from the company 3fmodels

Highly comfortable office

  • New acquaintances
  • freedom of choice
  • independence and support of our Federation

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