"If you are dreaming to catch the rainbow – be ready to get under the rain” Dolly Parton

However, who has told you that this rain cannot be pleasant and inspiring… In this section of our site we will introduce more specifics and say more about the conditions of working that the Federation of Force & Freedom Models can provide to its employees. We will speak about salaries, basic requirements, as well as career perspectives, which growth for the web model in Kharkov.

Webcam Industy Job Offer

Working Conditions

  • as you have already understood, 3Fmodelsis a big family, that is why we are recruiting employees on the regional market;

  • convenient location of offices and flexible working schedule allows every model to correctly dispose of her time and combine the work of the web model in Kharkov with the main place of work, studies at the University for example, and of course not to forget about personal life, traveling and about shopping;

  • the workplace is designed as a separate office, where each of our web model feels like a full-fledged hostess of the surrounding space;

  • an integral part of our team are professional stylists who will work on the image in order to give the best facet to your impressive appearance;

  • • the art of photography is a kind of passion and hobby of the company 3Fmodels, so we regularly invite girls to participate in various photo projects;

  • any technical issues will never disturb a model who works for our company, we do have a team, the newest computers, equipment and a qualified IT employers;

  • English is an important component of the success of a web model, so if you have not yet mastered it fully, our tutors will certainly help you;

  • you will always have the best and of course paid vacation, because all people deserve to have it. Therefore, we guarantee that your vacation will not overshadow financial issues;;

  • we do provide special attention to corporate ethics in the collective, joint entertainment activities and establishing a harmonious atmosphere within the collective of web models the city Kharkov;

  • every webcam studio has its own secrets. In addition, not many of them will kindly share it with you. However, the main credo of 3Fmodels Company is different. The aim of the 3Fmodels Studio is your career growth and the creation of a healthy competition within our Federation;

  • each model independently decides whether to declare herself to the world and share a success story, or to preserve some intrigue or even the complete confidentiality. Highly paid work for girls in Kharkov does not limit the freedom of your self-expression!

The Salary

  • Considering that we cooperate with large foreign webcams services, web cam sites, the salary of our models range from $ 500 to $ 3000 or even more, and actually it is just a usual salary for developed countries on the West, whose living standards far exceed domestic realities;

  • every web model independently compiles her work schedule and regulates the intensity of labor activity, in this regard, the level of wages depends largely on hours of working;

  • the company 3Fmodels gives payments or salaries twice a month, both in cash and in a non-cash form;

  • access to paychecks and financial statistics is open and at the same time personalized information for our employees;

  • 3Fmodels Studio supports all members of our team, both: in financial and everyday issues. It is easy for us to understand how hard it can be where there is no one to help you, to give a good advice

The Demands

  • only the women who reached the age of 18 years old can join the team of the Federation of Force & Freedom models. This is the main requirement, which is carefully regulated by our personnel department;

  • the knowledge of English language is very valuable in almost any professional activity of the 21-st century, but the desire to develop your own personality, a sincere wish to learn new information is very important as well. Therefore, if you are the “Beginner” in languages it is okay. In a month of work with 3Fmodels, you will learn the language and will start a new successful online business career.

  • sociability, sense of humor and a benevolent smile help web models to find common language with men and support conversation of any subject;

  • attractive appearance is not the work of our mother nature only, but also a sacred duty of every woman, therefore for 3Fmodels it is important not only your rich inner world, but also a well-groomed appearance.

Promotion Features

The promotion on the career ladder is a priority direction for the Federation of force & freedom models. “Why”, you ask? We just like to see the dynamics and development of every member of our Community. This is a kind of evolutionary process, in which we take an active part, giving the Kharkov young women some impetus for the next accomplishments and a chance to improve their lives. Working as a web model in Kharkov is your chance to become a fully developed personality!

In conclusion, we want to say that the Federation of Web Models of Kharkov wants the result! It is the main! Providing support to our employees, we expect to see a desire to succeed, dedication and quality work.

«Diligence is the soul of every cause and the guarantee of well-being»
Charles Dickens