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In the vastness of the nowadays Internet, there are more and more fraudulent schemes, which attract a huge number of young women, for whom high-paid work is a priority. Therefore, our Web Cam Studio 3Fmodels, which prides itself on its qualifications, reputation, and professionalism and, of course, the European approach, wants to give you some good advices and prevent the fraud.

Question: what to do in order not to be deceived in your searches for decent earnings in the Internet

“Forewarned – half armed.” The scammers can wait for a webcam model in different levels of her path and in completely different situations: the wrong web studios, badly performing their duties, mercenary clients, and various sites that simple cheat young/trusting webcam models, especially those who are new in this business. Nobody wants to become the victim of such people; no one wants to have such a situation in life! Do not despair, the main thing is to learn and to “own” all the necessary information and to know how not to be caught by network scammers. How to protect yourself from material losses.

Part one

What Scammer Web Cam Studio is

Many studios in Kharkov and in other cities of Ukraine offer the work of the webcam models in chat rooms. Nowadays this business is rapidly developing and it brings a very high income. However, the main question is: “Are all of the companies trustworthy and really fulfill the promised obligations to the models?”

For example, one of the most common methods of fraud is one of the following :

Web studio simply refuse to pay the full dividends to the models, at the current exchange rate of the hryvnia and the dollar.

The expression of fraud is in that they take a much higher percentage for commission services, not adhering to the terms of payment negotiated with the model in advance. Such “fake” companies do not provide their employees with access to financial statistics. The administrators hope that the models do not detect the time of online communication with the client. In some cases, you can face with holding part of the payment, ostensibly for the needs of the studio and staff. There are cases when WEBCAM models receive payment for work in hryvnia at an understated rate. In addition, there are cases when such “fake” studios just do not give all the money, which the model earned and the agency quickly “turns the bench.”


The main Difficulties of the “beginner”

A professional model with an experience of video chat can easily recognize scammers, but what to do to those who are just beginning their careers in the modeling business? Earnings on a web camera is not as simple as it seems. There are always nuances that are worth considering. Nevertheless, compared to what the modern “world of employment” offers, working as a webcam model is a breakthrough for those who really want to succeed.


How much does the web model earns?

Experienced girl knows, but the “newbie” is just does not know what to do and whom to trust. She does not know what a conscientious studio is. She does not know how much she can earn simply on communication, on openness and friendly conversations online on the camera. She is not able to correctly feel and understand the situation, especially if she is not quite experienced in seducing on the camera. However, it will all come with the experience. What is the most important is that 3Fmodels Studio will help with this. We will show you the way. We will open all of the secrets of this profession. We will tell you how to look, how to talk, how to behave and how to enjoy this process of streaming online with men. Support is our credo. We will share all the secrets of a successful online chat with foreigners or online chat with Russians. We are always on your side and always ready to help. Moreover, the uttermost and guaranteed not only in wordless confidentiality from 3Fmodels Kharkov Ukraine.

But there is a studio 3Fmodels with the European Approach and values, as well as with protection and with transparent financial statistics for the employee.

Imagine a situation: a young girl decides to try herself in a web model business. If she choose the wrong webcam studio, her hard work in the Internet will not give something to her. What will she do, if she is disappointed already? She will return to her former boring and monotonous life and to daily work from 9.00 to 18.00, where the only one perspective is to get a minimum wage and, possibly, vulgar views from the boss. At the same time, all her dreams of financial independence and of having an interesting work will be unrealized. In addition, the blame for all the unscrupulous attitude webcams studios to their employees. So, in the case of cooperation with us:

We give you the strong guarantee that we will protect you from such a situation.

To be sure that you do not deceive you need to pay attention to the main points:

  • The reputation of the webcam studio (the names of the scammers often can be found on special forums for the web models);

  • The financial position of the organization (it is possible to judge about that if you see how much money the studio gives for the promotion and developing of its business, for the supporting of models, for the technic issue and so on);

  • The open desire of the studio to cooperate with the beginners in this business online (constantly conducted trainings, support at the initial stages of work, information support on any issues);

  • The granting and paid vacations, holding free consultations, various bonuses, etc.;

  • 100% confidentiality of personal data of the web model;

  • The guaranteed stability of the studio working;

  • Polite and respectful attitude to the model.

All of the above is the principles that guide our webcams studio 3Fmodels in Kharkov. We are one of the best in the online business for girls, and only we can provide the most optimal conditions for the start and development of your career in the modeling field. From the first day of working, all of the models are charged a high percentage of payment for communication in video chat. And this, ATTENTION: from 50%. You will not find such offers. We perceive you not as an employee, but as a partner and together we go to success.


Erotic chat is a whole epoch and culture and we will help the beginners to not only understand and accept this culture, but also develop it as a business for our (yours and ours) material wealth.

The 3Fmodels webcam team consists of high-end European professionals who make the work of model as comfortable, safe and profitable as it is possible. This is the Western approach to business.

Our designers, photographers, managers are always on work with models, IT curators, engaged in advertising – we all are just one big team and friendly staff. There are no screens or fences between us. We are all in sight of each other and help each other to achieve our common success. The vacancy of web model is the best job for a young woman for today and a secure choice for the future tomorrow together with the Studio 3Fmodels Kharkov.

Part two

Working as a webcams model at home

There are many “hunters” for “easy money” online in the Internet, but there are also some people who are disappointed in such a way of earning money. It is quite difficult to find a reliable video chat site for the webcam modeling. After all, there is no guarantee that you will get your own honestly earned money. Websites for web models are similar, including Russian sites for web models. But how to choose, how to navigate? What kind of sites are the best? Which are the worse? Where to earn more? How? All these questions are flying in a head. However, they should not. We will solve all of the problems and take care about all of the issues, what do we need from you is to send us the resume on the site webcam studio 3Fmodels. You will be amazed how quickly your life will change.

If to speak specifically about the work itself, it is so important to equip the workplace of the web model in Kharkov with special equipment and software. In order to be guaranteed to be successful our Studio 3Fmodels in Kharkov organizes online broadcasting on the leading webcam sites. We offer the most interesting entourage around you during the session. Excellent and, most importantly, profitable for you coverage, high-speed Internet. We offer costumes and cosmetics, comfortable accessories.

Organizing the process is our task, with which we cope for 100% and we are ready to prove this for you.

Why WebCam Studio 3Fmodels

Of course the achieving the best results in this business depends not only on the equipment, which is always available in our studio, but also it based on the properly organized working process. Only the highly professionalized web studio like 3Fmodels can provide it. The great experience in this kind of business allows us to adjust the work in such a way that the time that the model spends at her working place to be spend only with the benefit for her.

Webcam studio 3Fmodels in Kharkov is a guarantee that you will not be disappointed in your choice of profession.

During the communication with the administrator of our studio, all new models will learn how to behave in chat, how to behave in front of the camera, how it would be the best to hide flaws and emphasize the merits of figure, how to work on different sites and how to find the most promising clients.

We do make special seminars. We always discuss all our working moments and issues. We are ready to provide the best sites for web cam modeling.

Those young women, who worked as web models and continue to cooperate with us, will always share positive impressions from the business with 3Fmodels team. Scammers do not have a place here. We value our reputation. If you came to our site, you can already see the high level of the site, it is new, it is fresh, and it is maximum comfortable for you. We do not economize on cooperation with you, we aspire to it.

Web Cam Studio 3Fmodels

This is just a brief information that will help you to make a choice when you will start your searches for a good and decent webcams studio Kharkov.

If you have any questions, the studio 3Fmodels in Kharkov is always ready to provide you with necessary consultations, both online and in person meetings. You can always submit a CV to the web studio on our website, as well as contact us by the email or phone. Choosing cooperation with us, you provide yourself with not only a highly paid job, but also a promising future, to which, we are sure that you are ready!